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Confidentiality and Employee Termination - Articulate Rise

This project was created for The OCD and Anxiety Treatment Center. This was a Manager training course with a focus on Employee Termination. An interactive quiz was embedded in this unit. This course was created in Articulate Rise and was used in the company's RISE LMS system. 

Confidentiality and Employee Termination.png
Image 7-11-23 at 2.52 PM.jpg
Image 7-11-23 at 3.44 PM.jpg
Image 7-11-23 at 3.26 PM.jpg
Image 7-11-23 at 3.35 PM.jpg
Image 7-11-23 at 3.28 PM.jpg
Image 7-11-23 at 3.31 PM.jpg

Rad Power Bike Returns - Google Slides, Adobe Photoshop

This project was created for Rad Power Bikes. Rad Power Bikes wanted a unified look and branding for all training materials. They needed a total of 42 separate slide decks for the in-class training and facilitation of new hires that would span a three-week period of time. This slide deck is one of 42 that focused on Returns. All slide decks were sent to the employees as a resource, reference, and training aid.  Google Slides was the program used, and Adobe Photoshop was used for photo editing and diagram creation. 

Image 7-11-23 at 4.55 PM.jpg
Image 7-11-23 at 4.58 PM.jpg
Image 7-11-23 at 5.00 PM.jpg
Image 7-11-23 at 5.02 PM.jpg
Image 7-11-23 at 5.03 PM.jpg
Image 7-11-23 at 5.04 PM.jpg
Image 7-11-23 at 5.07 PM.jpg
Image 7-11-23 at 5.10 PM.jpg
Image 7-11-23 at 5.11 PM.jpg
Image 7-11-23 at 5.12 PM.jpg
Image 7-11-23 at 5.16 PM.jpg
Image 7-11-23 at 5.19 PM.jpg
Image 7-11-23 at 5.21 PM.jpg
Image 7-11-23 at 5.22 PM.jpg

Rad Power Bike Displays - Rise 360 Scorm Course for LMS

This project was created for Rad Power Bikes. Rad Power Bikes wanted a lesson dedicated to their different display types. They specifically wanted a SCORM file that would be uploaded into a proprietary LMS.  I created this course in Rise 360 to fulfill the SCORM requirement.  

Image 7-11-23 at 5.38 PM.jpg

If you would like to experience this course, please click the button below. You will be asked your email address and name, this is only used in Scorm Cloud and will not be tracked. Once this is added an additional step of accepting the pop-up is required in order to open the course.

Infographics - Piktochart, Photoshop

This project was created for Rad Power Bikes. Rad Power Bikes wanted infographics created for employee reference materials.  I created multiple infographics. I have displayed two, one dedicated to the return process and another to the FIRM process. These infographics were created to scroll down as the viewer reads the material. Clickable links and forms have been embedded for ease of use. Piktochart was the program used, and Photoshop was used to remove the background and add transparency for the photos, as well as creating elements needed for the infographic. 

PS Return Process Inforgraphic.png
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